" Michael passionately imparts his vast knowledge and love of music to his students. His instructions and areas to work on are always delivered in a clear, detailed, and positive manner. He creates goals and helps his students achieve them, and he genuinely enjoys growing young musicians. He is effective at improving the skill level of students with a wide range of abilities. He is very talented at teaching all levels of music and encouraging a love of music."
Sylvia B.
Parent, Mount Laurel, NJ
"Very top notch. Lessons are excellent! Very tailored to help me achieve my individual goals. Michael is an excellent teacher! Not only have I learned more in my time studying with him, but my enthusiasm for playing the guitar has never been stronger."
James N.
Guitar student, Bordentown, NJ
"Michael has an amazing ability to read the students and take their music where THEY want to go. He got my children excited to play in the beginning over Star Wars, Super Mario, etc and their faces just lit up. The most amazing part was watching them with pride enthusiastically conquering challenging classical pieces. They grew under his instruction with their understanding of theory as well which truly had them at the top of all of their music classes throughout their schooling.
We feel blessed to have found Michael years ago. The love of music and appreciation for the instrument that he instilled in my children have taken them far. He made it cool for them to love music and what they do! A solid base of music instruction he provided them continues to bring our family pride and joy. Our children have been asked to accompany the full chorus in school concerts, they have become pit musicians for musicals, and perform frequently together even now and on various instruments. They furthered their studies in music in middle and high school and some in college. We wholeheartedly believe that Michael had a music impact on each one of them and for that we are forever grateful."
Melissa M.
Parent, Burlington Township, NJ
"I'm an adult who took up lessons again after a long furlough. It's been a major source of enjoyment outside of work and I would encourage anyone to stay with it.
Excellent teacher. I have played a variety of pieces (Classical, Jazz). Emphasizes technique which enhances your appreciation for the music."
Andrew S.
Piano student, Moorestown, NJ
"Trying to learn the piano in the second half of life is a challenge. Michael puts a lot of thought into getting through to me and presenting the material in a way that I can understand. I have had other teachers and made little progress. Michael has made the piano accessible to me. I am very grateful. Your child will learn and have fun at the same time."
Liz M.
Piano student, Delanco, NJ
"Michael is very engaging. He makes the lessons fun so that when my daughter goes to practice it because she wants to, not because she has to."
Mount Laurel, NJ
"Michael has really helped me develop individually as a pianist, guitarist and composer, and he bases his lessons on what I prepare for him.
Michael is not your ordinary music teacher in that he caters specifically to the needs and interests of the student and allow him/her to explore countless styles of music."
Alex G.
Piano, Guitar and Composition student, Cherry Hill, NJ
"Michael is really knowledgeable. Even more, he understands his students. He is able to explain music to a 6 year old, as well as a 12 year old. He challenges his students without overwhelming them, and he take their interests into account when picking music to play."
Melissa A.
Parent, Mount Laurel, NJ
"Michael is an amazing teacher. He has high expectations and pushes the students to their full potential. My daughter has been taking lessons for over 10 years. Because of his guidance and direction, she was asked to compete in the High School Jazz Band when she was in 7th grade. In his weekly lesson, he incorporates her Jazz music giving her confidence in her competitions. Michael has received many compliments from the High school band instructor. Through Michael my daughter has a passion for music!"
Sharon M.
Parent, Blackwood, NJ
"Michael has taught me so much about the piano. He gives amazing feedback during lessons to let the student know what they need to work on. I don't think there would be anything I would change about lessons with Michael. Within the time of the lesson Michael teaches his students absolutely everything they need to know about the piece they are studying."
Andrew F.
Piano student, Burlington Township, NJ
"On a scale of 1-10 Michael is an 11! He oozes both knowledge and enthusiasm for music with a natural sense of patience for the student's effort-however clumsy we may have been. He likes to explore instruments of cultures I'm unfamiliar with demonstrating not just his musical depth, but musical curiosity that is contagious. I recommend him to everyone I hear asking for a piano teacher."
Noramah N.
Parent, Burlington Township, NJ

"Mike is a very patient and adaptive teacher, working with each pupil to teach in a manner best suited to the student's needs. He also has extensive knowledge of music theory and history that he uses to aid in teaching and keep the students engaged.
Mike has been a wonderful teacher for both of my children starting at the age of 6 and extending through High School graduation. My oldest is continuing on to pursue a career in music and his advice and guidance has been invaluable."
James G.
Parent, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Very good! Very dedicated to his students."
Sangeeta D.
Parent, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Excellent!!! My 3 daughters took piano and guitar for about 5 years with Michael. Michael was always on time and very good with the girls. He encouraged them to practice and made the lessons and learning fun."
Kathy P.
Parent, Blackwood, NJ

"The quality of training is excellent. The lessons are terrific. Michael not only teaches you how to read music and play but also the theory behind it. He isn't just giving lessons, he teaches you how to be a musician.
Michael's love of music and enthusiasm for teaching have been a great experience for me. Couldn't recommend a better teacher!"
Michelle B.
Piano Student, Mount Laurel, NJ

" He is very talented at teaching all levels of music and encouraging a love of music. It's been a great experience."
Luisa G.
Piano Student, Cherry Hill, NJ

" Absolutely top notch. Michael teaches not only how to play an instrument, but how music works. From the first notes on the piano, to Gypsy Jazz on the guitar, to forming his own music compositions, I felt my son got the very best music education."
Marla R.
Parent, Magnolia, NJ